Q: How far apart should we space our interlocking wine racks?
A: We recommend a minimum of 13″ in between each wine rack to allow for the bottles to be easily removed.

Q: Is it necessary to hit a stud when hanging the wine rack?
A: Naturally, hitting a stud is the best possible solution, however, we include heavy duty drywall anchors that support the weight of a rack filled with full bottles of wine. Don’t believe us?? Check out the answer to the next question.

Q: Do the wine racks really hold full bottles of wine?
A: Yes, in fact we had Tom hang from a drywall anchor (which we provide) mounted rack and it held! Needless to say, he weighs more than 25 full bottles of wine…

Q: Do you have a retail location?
A: At this point we do not have a retail location.  We do try to do a few shows a year locally here in MN.  Follow us on your favorite social platform and watch for updates.